Spa in Ubud – When you visit Bali, especially in Ubud, you can find many spa services. One of them is DaLa Spa at Alaya Resort Jembawan. DaLa Spa is inspired by the comprehensive Ayurveda method, the world’s oldest healing system from India. This old concept is evident in therapeutic spa menus, as well as rich interior design.

It includes a variety of treatment rooms for wet and dry treatments, along with steam boxes, crystal beds and a Thai massage room. An Indian doctor leads this unique health facility to conduct pre-treatment consultations and propose integrated health programs. The Dala Spa list strongly emphasizes the balancing of all areas of life and helps the body collect its own energy to be healed.Spa in UbudSpa in Ubud such as DaLa Spa, equips some treatment that you can choose. One of them are Yoga. Yoga is a 5,000-year-old Hindu philosophical system for balancing and balancing body, mind and spirit, improving physical, psychological, social and spiritual health. This is important for health, happiness, liberation and enlightenment.

Yoga helps to overcome emotions, sensitivities, desires, achievements and failures in our lives. Through normal practice, we can learn to develop greater awareness and realize our full potential. It also allows us to better manage our feelings, reactions and responses to the situation we face.

Another treatment in DaLa Spa is Netra Tarpana and Netra Dhara treatment. Netra Tarpana is a Ayurvedic treatment for your eyes with ghee. Then Netra Dhara treatment that is a Ayurvedic treatment for your eyes with Herbal Milk Both are done to ease eye strain that is often caused by the hours spent staring at the glare of a computer screen or TV, which can cause bias and other bias conditions. This treatment is recommended to help Eye constipation syndrome, glaucoma, poor eye coordination, burning sensation in the eyes as well as night blindness. So, make sure to enjoy Spa in Ubud.